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At State Express Messenger Service, quality service and customer satisfaction have been our trademark for many years. Personalized service and cooperation are the most important factors of our success. We guarantee the most reliable and efficient service for all your delivery needs.

Messenger/Courier Services






No charge up to 25 pounds - after 25 pounds additional charges are applied.

Waiting Time:
First 15 minutes free - after 15 minutes waiting charges are to the total charge.

Regular hours 7:00am - 5:00pm
After 5:00pm and before 12:00am costs 1.5 times Express (minimum applies)
12:00am - 7:00am deliveries are 2.0 times regular (minimum applies) 

Court Filing:
We file documents. No extra charge unless there is a waiting time of over 15 minutes.

Process Serving:
(Summons-subpoena) delivery charge plus additional charge for serving and proof of service.

Tracing and Processing:
Our electronic package processing system gives you constant and immediate access to your package, allowing you to locate, re-route, or even modify your order at any time.

All rates are based on service options and distance. Please call for a customized rate sheet based on your location.



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Next Day
Time Delivery
Non Stop

3-5 hours

same day

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Route Delivery
Your package(s) is picked up and delivered immediately     non-stop.
Available Monday - Friday, 7:00am - 3:00pm. Your package is picked up and delivered within 4 hours. 

Your package(s) ready by 10:30am and will be delivered     the same business day by 5:00pm. 
Your package(s) is ready by 6:00pm and will be delivered the following business day by 10:00am. 
We have dedicated route deliveries and exclusive distributions. We offer customized service to fit your specific needs. 
Route Services are designed for those customers who have repetitive deliveries occurring every day or on a specific  schedule. Customers who require routine pick-ups and deliveries utilize these services
Same Day Courier & Delivery!! 
24 Hours . 365 Days - Rush Delivery!!